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At C&L Ward Homes, we view your new home as more than bricks and lumber. While we are committed to constructing a quality house by using the best products and a professional building team, we are equally devoted to meeting the needs of your family in terms of floor plan, amenities and special detail. We realize that the house in which a family lives reflects their unique personality, hopes, dreams and values. With this in mind, we’ll work with you to ensure your new home is a perfect fit for your family.


From floor to ceiling, a C&L Ward home embodies all the care and craftsmanship that discerning homeowners have come to expect from C&L Ward. Functional designs are complemented by a host of construction details that are classics in every sense of the word. These are the factors that help make your home a very personal space, that enhance its luxury and livability, and that provide an extra degree of value that will most certainly appreciate with time.

Every detail in a C&L Ward Home, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, has a purpose and function that touches your life and provides a very real and tangible benefit for you and your family. Allow us to make your building experience an enjoyable one from start to finish and see for yourself how Superior is our Standard.

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